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Wedding Planning 101: 8 Important Reminders for Grooms

A bride always holds an active role in wedding preparations. She wants to make sure that the special day would be personal and perfect. Grooms, on the other hand, often get shafted on wedding matters. Are you a groom who wants to get involved in various preparation details? Below are some tips you should remember.

1. Take the guest list seriously.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. It is important to surround yourself with the people closest to you. You can deal with your wedding party planner in regards to this.

2. Make your first dance original.

Plan your wedding reception well, especially your first dance as a newly married couple. What song do you want to use? Any special music for you and your partner? As much as possible, make the music unique and inspiring. Avoid choosing common love songs.

3. You must have an open bar.

Never miss this on your wedding reception plans. You don’t need to worry about the budget. There is an open bar option for every wedding finance plan.

4. Ranking the people in your life is only appropriate when choosing groomsmen.

Sit quietly in a corner and start making a list. Rank your best friends, and turn every person after number 5 into an usher. This is a challenging task, but the most convenient way to organize the entourage.

5. Empty your pockets.

Make sure to empty your pockets during the wedding ceremony. Even guys bring plenty of things on the pockets at all times, but your wedding day is different. Just bring your vow and some notes for the toast. You wouldn’t want your pants to appear bulky in photos.

6. Utilize the rehearsal dinner to your advantage.

Take advantage of the rehearsal dinner. If you want to facetime with some of your relatives, this is the perfect time to do it. You will be very busy on the wedding day itself, so there wouldn’t be enough time for each person.

7. Do not wear a tuxedo with flip flops.

This is the ultimate no-no.

8. Don’t take too much selfies.

Remember, the more selfies you take, the less time you dedicate to your special day. Leave that job to the photographer. Surely, he would create enough memories for you and your guests.