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Web Hosting : iPage Hosting Review

Are you considering iPage as the web hosting provider for your new blog? Many bloggers and online business owners love iPage. If you want to check if this web host can help you with your blogging goals, feel to check iPage reviews in Malaysia.

Years ago, iPage was a web hosting supplier providing simple website creation solutions and web development services. After quite some time, it became inactive, and just relaunched last October 2009. Their team is now offering email hosting, website management, domain name registration, internet scripting, search engine optimization, ecommerce services, and web hosting.

What’s so wonderful about this company’s hosting services?

Green Hosting

iPage takes pride in electric power consumption, alongside its wind-created renewable energy certificates. Their offices and information centers are completely powered by green energy. Thus, you can feel confident that your iPage-powered website would leave no carbon footprint. This agency is your number one choice when it comes to green hosting

Affordable unlimited hosting

iPage hosting services are cheap but reliable. Alongside that affordable cost, it also offers unlimited data transfer usage, unlimited storage space, no domain cost for a lifetime and unlimited add-on domains. 

Money-Back warranty anytime

iPage most incredible selling point? Money-back guarantee every time. If you are familiar with the web hosting industry, you would know that most agencies basically allow you a 30 to 45 day trial period. With iPage, you can claim back the pro-rated refund in case you stop your hosting account throughout the entire subscription period.

Exclusive deal from RatePoint, Carbonite and Google

iPage has partnerships with several industry leaders, including Google and Carbonate. iPage clients get unique promotions and good deals.

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