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Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Web Host

Be alert, when deciding which is the best web host for you, that your web host is your business partner somehow. In order to choose a Web Hosting Provider that could directly affect your company, I compile a list of my top ten tips. I compiled a list of my 10 top tips to pick a service and output provider for the web hosting:

Trusted Hosts and Its Availability

You just want to be at the top of the list. When you run a website that is only 50 percent online of the time you will lose half your user, organisation, and income! You’ll find your web host uptime. There will never be found a host of 100% uptime — but you search for places with a minimum uptime of 99.5%. Assess network reliability–what services can be used when the host fails? For example, a backup generator and an ongoing power supply.

Client Assistance

It is a good idea to check for a network that gives customers great assistance in time, after the reliability of the operation. The web host must respond to your issues and inquiries through emails and calls (if it’s urgent). Your website’s server and network should be tracked 24 hours a day, including public holidays!


Choose a host that values your files. If the unexpected happens, the website may be restored. See how often the machine is backed up. Please note, your website should always be protected on your own hard drive in the case of a disaster!

Server Location

Find out how many of the Malaysian Web Host companies operate offshoring services, which usually place the web host servers in large data centers in the USA. The servers in Malaysia will be a good choice if your focus audience is geographically based. You will easily deal with the network if the client support team and data center are within the same time-zone. You also have more fun as your visitors access your website quicker!


Checking a website host is always important to ensure that you can change your plan in future easily. It’s not going to be the business easier! This can include increased disk space, the amount of email accounts while the business is growing or further data usage quotas.

Storage and Bandwidth

Do not shorten yourself by choosing a storage space arrangement and data (bandwidth / traffic) transmission. The bulk of websites use very little disk space, but room should be sufficient for creation and storage. Test whether the host sends alarm email alerts when critical limits are exceeded to ensure that the monthly bandwidth allocation is not shocked at any additional expense.

Features in the Plan

The operating system of your server must determine what scripts can be executed. Whether you want a Linux or Windows server depends on what you want to do with your platform. Linux servers are often less expensive and more dependable, but, when hosting ASP scripts, you can only search for a Windows Web host. Make sure your host provides these minimum characteristics with your program:

  • FTP and SSH
  • PHP
  • Subdomains
  • Logs and statistics
  • Email

Please consider how many email addresses you need and whether your email address will be obtained. WebMail is convenient for visitors who are outside or away from a computer to reach the Mobile Café and the mail. You need to hold other things in mind when choosing a host:

  • Email aliases
  • Email forwarding
  • Auto-reply
  • POP3 and IMAP access.

Website Navigation

choose a host that addresses the different aspects of your website and email account. A web-based control system should be simple to use. Demand a preview of the system control panels. You will find out how you operate the website’s file.

Payment Method

Take a look at your hosts ‘ payment plans because many will help you choose the correct budget bundle and requirements on your site. Don’t be forced to pay one year in advance if you don’t want to sit.

The effect of your hosting company on your sector is very significant. Please test them by sending an email to see how quickly they respond, just how friendly and efficient they are, until you have provided your credit card details. It is better to check them now rather than to switch later.

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