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Managing Your Web Design Development Tasks

Important Design Development Tasks


Are you thinking of modifying your app or your web design company‘s website? Creating a brilliant interface is not at all different from building an entire house. It needs to be done with the guidance of an expert. Of course, the labor of professionals doesn’t come cheap. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to reduce the costs.


  1. The Web Design Cycle

 Web Design Process

There is a system of features and pages that vary per business. You need to be familiar with this, so you can improve your website and its properties soon.


  1. Initial Mock Ups and Wireframes

These are few of the materials that should be done at the very start of the web design process. This is called the “pre-design phase.” Craft your wireframe and mockups effectively.


  1. Wireframing Tools


There are tons of useful tools you can use to create wireframes. One of the most popular ones is Balsamiq. Many of these tools have reliable click-and-drag functionalities.


  1. The Actual Design Phase

So, you’re done with the wireframe? Is every person in your team satisfied with the mockups? This is a clear representation of what you want to achieve visually, but take note that there should be functionalities involved.


  1. The feedback loop


Once your website or app’s design is complete, it’s time to tell the world about it. Also, at this point, there would still be some feedbacks from the project manager and team members. Make sure to schedule feedback and redrafting time.


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