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Important Tips on Selecting the Right Shared Hosting Provider

Are you looking for reliable web hosting companies in Malaysia? If you really want your business website to succeed, you need to invest in reliable hosting services. Remember, without a top host, your web pages wouldn’t be accessed online. 

Your website hosting provider will give you server space, and provide all the tools you need to log on, and then access your website. 

There are 4 primary types of website hosting, but if you are new in the industry, shared hosting is the way to go. 

Shared Hosting

Many people would love to utilize shared hosting because it is affordable. This means that you will share a single physical server with other website owners. Basically, plenty of different websites are on the same exact machine, sharing the same resources. 

If you choose shared hosting, your website host would manage the server, and you wouldn’t have that much freedom when it comes to customization. It is a good choice for newbies, though. 

Unmanaged versus Managed Hosting

Do you want to settle for an unmanaged or managed hosting service? A managed plan is the one that comes with additional services like performance monitoring, automated backups, 24/7 customer service, automatic software updates and a whole lot more. An unmanaged hosting plan, on the other hand, come with no additional services, so all you will get is a server with an operation system installed. Unless you prefer to handle all the additional tasks yourself, it’s always better to go for a managed hosting plan.

The features you must look for in a website hosting service

  • Website Security. This is a major problem you should look into when operating on a shared hosting server. Since your platform is operating in the same exact space as the others, it’s very easy to get a virus, or get hacked by cybercriminals. 
  • Pricing. The affordable cost is the number one reason why many people settle with this setup. So far, it is the most economical option. However, while the upfront price is attractive, several web hosts charge high web hosting renewal fees, as well as charge additional amounts of routine maintenance. 
  • Performance. A slow-loading website is always a huge turn off for many people. A poor website performance an instantly impact your online presence. 

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