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How to Post Your Web Developer Job Opening on Freelance Platforms?

Searching For The Best Freelance Web Developer

So, you’ve established what you want to be implemented on your website and all you have to do now is to find the right developer for the job. You also know where to look since there are vast resources that you can tap into. Now would be the perfect time to post your job opening on various freelance platforms, but how can you create the perfect posting?

Today, I am going to give you some advice and helpful tips to help you perfect craft an appropriate job posting.

1. Include Your Background Information

For freelancers to get interested in your posting, you have to include pertinent information about who you are and what your company is.

Introduce yourself, your rank/position in the company, as well as, what your company does. State whatever business goals your company is set out to do so that it will give the developers an idea about their future employer.

2. Add the Project’s Summary and Be Clear with Your Objectives

How to Post Your Web Developer Job Opening on Freelance Platforms?A freelancer values their time the same way you do. That is why you have to provide a brief summary of the job description so that they will know what the job actually entails.

What do they need to do? Are they going to handle the website’s design? All of the front-end work that is needed? Or, are they going to handle the back-end processes?

Furthermore, be clear as to what you want them to do, exactly. Being precise about your goals would signal to the potential freelancer that you are a good employer that knows what they want.

3. What Are They Expected to Deliver?

Web development can mean a lot of things in terms of deliverables. Do you want them to provide a Photoshop file for a design mockup or do you want them to establish a complete and fully functioning website?

4. Include Anything that They Can Work With

In the event that the web development process has already started and you just want to hire new developers to help finish the job, also include that in the posting as well.

What can the freelancers expect? What are they going to work with? Include guidelines, website copy, your logo, and anything that you can think of that will help them know more about the existing project.

5. State the Qualities You’re Looking for in an Ideal Candidate

A job posting will not be complete without the necessary qualifications. State what you want your ideal developer to possess.

Include the level of experience, the years they’ve worked in the industry, and other characteristics that you deem are important for the job.

6. Additional Points

How to Post Your Web Developer Job Opening on Freelance Platforms?

  • Provide Mockups- if there is already an existing web development project, provide a glimpse of that and include it in your job posting
  • Show Examples- if the project is completely new, but you want to include some references so that the developer will know exactly what you want your website to look like, then also add some examples as well.
  • Contact Information- there might be some instances where some developers will ask you questions about your job posting, make sure to also include your contact information as well.