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How to Determine and Measure KPIs

How to Determine and Measure KPIs for Website SEO

It is crucial to measure the success of your SEO campaigns in order to decide your website is among the best website seo services or not. This is also one way of knowing if your website is effective and engaging enough for your target audience.

1. Search engine optimization is not really an exact science.

You need to experiment regularly to witness positive improvements, and enforce strategy adjustments. Analyze and measure your SEO metrics once every month. Use Google Analytics to monitor the following information:

How to Determine and Measure KPIs

  • Organic Search

Are much visits are you getting through search engines? Are you getting searches from Google, Yahoo and Bing? Are you aware of all the numbers, compared to the previous month? Are the numbers declining or growing?

Go to Google Analytics’ “Organic Search” metrics. Monitor drops and gains in particular search engines.


  • Keywords

Which keywords generated the most web traffic? Compare your clicks to the number of impressions, as well as the resulting click-through ratio. Can you detect any trends or unexpected keywords? Can you further optimize and improve your current position? Can you capitalize on new efficient keywords?

2. Utilize Google Analytics to know which specific keywords are bringing the most web traffic.

You can do this by going to “Acquisition,” then “search console.” Then, you go to “queries.” This is where you’ll find the report.

  • Conversions Every Keyword

How to Determine and Measure KPIsThis specific describes the keywords which resulted to conversions. Unfortunately, Google is already encrypting the search queries of its logged-in users. This only means that you can no longer access data showing the keywords used for each session.

  • Landing Pages

Do you want to know which specific webpages are accessed most frequently? You can find out by going to the “Acquisition” option in Google Analytics. then, pick “Search Console” and “Landing Pages.”