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How Long Should Much Older Mothers Wait Before Getting Pregnant Again?

Are you enjoying parenthood so far? Caring for a beautiful child is amazing. One day, you are having fun shopping for baby traveling bags in Malaysia, and then the following week you are dealing with breastfeeding struggles. It has its ups and downs but it’s all worth it. The next thing you need to think about at this point is this: how long should you wait before getting pregnant once again? 

Several older first-time mothers face this problem when it comes to planning second babies. Of course, the clock is ticking much louder than ever before. Though, physicians recommend waiting for at least one year after giving birth. This is regarded as the standard advice, depending on multiple public health studies and guidelines. Back-to-back pregnancy can be difficult and risky. 

Based on a recent study, conceiving within one year of a birth equate to increased health risks for both the child and the mother. Don’t consider this as a 100% bad news, though. The optimal pregnancy spacing window that they found was 1 to 2 years after delivery of a single child, until the next pregnancy. That is the time when the risk for both babies and mothers are the lowest. That is actually short compared to other researches that suggested to wait between 18 months to 5 years.

Another reason not to worry? Much older women are most likely to plan for the pregnancies more thoroughly, and have better health care access. Risks for babies are much higher among younger women, and that for older women, risks to the mothers are a lot higher. 

Health care professionals are hoping that these studies can help women come up with the right decisions regarding family planning

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