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6 Helpful Techniques for Newbie Web Designers

1. Follow the existing patterns, and learn to break them.

Feel free to follow the conventional UI patterns across many websites. By following all of these familiar patterns, you can help more users navigate your pages easily. Don’t just reinvent the wheel. Soon, you can break away from these methods, and improve it. Learn how to stand out and innovate!

2. Don’t stop learning.

This is one of the most important things you should do if you want your website to succeed. Remember, the industry moves fast. If you fail to grow and learn, you would surely be left behind. Look for the most reliable resources, and continuously improve your designs.

3. Settle for a minimalist web design.

The time of complex websites with crazy web page transitions is over. At this day and age, it’s best to settle for simple, basic designs to highlight more important content. Remove all the distracting, overwhelming elements on your website. If you are having a hard time scraping all the distracting elements off, feel free to ask the help of your web design agency.

4. Update your web content regularly.

In order for your website to thrive, you need to keep your content up to date. Having frequently-updated content can improve your search placement. Fully optimize your content. See to it that’s easy for your creators to update and post.

5. Keep your content relevant.

Content molds the entire design of the website. Designing a website serves a purpose, and content is that specific purpose. Your design should highlight the most relevant content.

6. Keep your website professional.

Special thanks to reliable platforms such as WordPress and HubSpot, there is no reason why your web pages should look anything like old platforms like MySpace. Your design doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to look crisp and clean.

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