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5 Mistakes When Сhoosing an IT Outsourcing Provider

  • Splitting the workflow

Keep in mind that any kind of delay from the IT QA side can affect the workflow of all the other teams. The job of a QA analyst is not quick and easy–there are plenty of challenges. This is the reason why it’s crucial to go for end-to-end services when a single team is responsible for the entire workflow. It’s the only way to make sure that all the services are delivered without delays. 

  • Leaving all the tasks to the contractor

Are you looking for the best web hosting services in Malaysia for your business? There are a lot of contractors to choose from in the area! But, remember, while outsourcing is considered as a powerful tool, in time, you need to consider putting together your own in-house team. This becomes even more important for long-term projects. You need to have talented people who can efficiently work on regular improvement ad maintenance. 

  • Always going for the cheapest options

Many people want outsourcing jobs to be accomplished by skilled professionals at low costs. But, paying too little can also imply a big risk of employing an unqualified team. Picking a seasoned IT service provider offering an affordable pricing range is the wisest, most practical decision you can make. 

  • Going for the shiny brand

Consider working with middle-range companies, instead of that services provider that boats of delivering good support to Toyota or Samsung. The point is, these brands would always be priorities for the firm. Thus, if something occurs to their system, their case will get the utmost attention. 

  • Going for several contractors

This method might work well with providing office supplies, or buying helmets and uniforms for construction workers, this will not work well with many IT services. Make sure that is no distraction or interruption in user experience. Only one IT service provider must handle IT-related requests. 

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