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4 Tips to Help You Create a Professional-looking Homepage

Your homepage is the first page that a person will see whenever they stumble upon your website. And, there is a saying, “first impressions last”, and it certainly applies to your homepage as well.

How do you make sure that your homepage is something that people would remember? And, how do you make it functional yet aesthetically pleasing as well? Below are just some useful tips to help you create a beautiful homepage based on the website developer.


  1. Put a Logo

The website logo is an insignia that tells people that, “oh, I came across this site”. Basically, you should treat it as your company branding and it is very important that you add one so that people will know what site they’re on.

Take a look at the various popular websites that people go to these days. Look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and so on. You can see that each and every one of these sites have a logo that is usually placed at the top left of the screen.

So, it is your task to first create a logo that speaks about your company or yourself. After which, you should place it prominently on the top left side of the screen. By ‘prominently’, I mean that you should make it a bit bigger so that people would see, but not too big that it overpowers everything.

  1. About Us

When you are a company that is selling goods, for example, people would want to know more about you and what you have to offer.

In your homepage, be sure to add a link to a page that is called “About Us”. In this page, you should highlight how your company started, its humble beginnings, some success stories, and most importantly, the things that you have to offer to them.

  1. Put Important Information ‘Above the Fold’

Have you read real newspapers before? If so, you’ve probably folded it so that you can read the top of the content much clearly without straining your arms. The act of doing that is actually reading content “above the fold”.

Pretty much the same principle also applies in web design as well. As much as possible, you put all of your important content on the beginning page of your website so that people won’t have to scroll down a couple of notches just to find information.

  1. Build Trust and Update Regularly

If your company has been awarded before like you’ve received some excellence awards because of your amazing customer service, you should put them on your homepage as well.

You want people to trust you right off the bat and by adding certain badges and awards that you’ve received thus far, it can really help build that relationship.

While you’re at it, it is best that you update your website regularly. See if all of the content that is on your page works really well like there are no broken links, animations that do not do its thing, and so on.

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